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Time and Attendance
Time & Attendance
Automatically track all hours with AI-generated timesheets, and seamlessly integrate with any billing solution.

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Maximize Productivity
Uncover the colossal potential for efficiency gains and truly transform your business.
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Work-Life Balance
Lifestyle & Health
Go outside, fall in love, see your kids, grow.
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Why rely on manual timesheets, when AllActivity can do the job for you?

AllActivity provides every team member with a complete, by-the-second record of all desktop activity.

100%-automatic creation of timesheets for all members of
any organization


Behavioral analytics of any device-based activity for businesses of any size


Stunning insights into your business within days of starting
on AllActivity


Better pricing decisions and lightning-fast invoicing

Why AllActivity?

We know how to get tracking done.

Save time and reduce administrative burdens. Shift from manual processes to an automated experience that makes employees readily engage in workflow optimization:

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    Time keeping for individuals and teams
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    Avoid costly errors of timers and stopwatches
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    Convenient on- and offboarding of teams
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    Daily, weekly and monthly views of your tracked time

Is this allowed?

AllActivity is 100% GDPR-compliant – we invented data protection:

Unlike other activity trackers, AllActivity lets each employee collect and fully control their own data.

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